QSJ-A model Meat Strip Cutter, meat slicer, meat dicer machine

QSJ-A model  Meat Strip Cutter, meat slicer, meat dicer machine

Model No.︰QSJ-A

Brand Name︰GCS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 20 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

 Name: Multi-function meat cutting machine


Suitable for medium and small restaurants, catering chains, meat processing industry, school and factory’s canteen.
Two motors, working separately, cut meat into slices, working at the same time, cut meat into shreds, cut again, and come out diced meat. One machine serves several purposes. At the bottom of machine exist wheels, moving flexibly and using conveniently. Cutter is adopted external hanging design. The revolving speed of rotating part is changed by turbine. Easy-to-use operation, convenient washing and dismounting, time and labour saving. If processing different thickness meat, just install the corresponding cutter. The cutter gap is customizable. Inside the machine exists safety switch. When cutter exposure outside, it locks automatically to ensure safety. Blades are made of special steel products, with hardness of 52, durable in use.




Type: QsJ-A


 Voltage: 380V/ 220V/  110V


Power: 0.55 * 2KW


Weight: 78 KG


Dimension: 530 * 510 * 860MM


Cutting thickness: 2.5mm - 50mm (Can not adjust but can change different size of blade according to customers’ requirements customization)


Output: 500kg/ hour

Payment Terms︰ TT/ Moneygram/ western union/ PAYPAL

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