Product name: QE meat slicing machine with pulley

 Product material: stainless steel 

Model QE          

voltage 110/220v (V) 

Power (kw) 0.55     
 GW: 51(kg) 

Dimension 53 * 32 * 68 (mm)

Production: 500KG/hour 


 Product name: QX meat slicing machine 

Product material: stainless steel 

Model QX voltage 110/220v (V) 

 Power (kw) 0.55 GW 48(kg) 

 dimension 46 * 32 * 43 (mm)

Production: 250KG/hour 




 Product name: QH meat slicing machine 

Product material: stainless steel 

Detailed introduction: 

Model QH  voltage 110V /220v (V) 

Power (kw) 0.55     

net 50 (kg) 

Dimension 530 * 330 * 450 (mm) 
Production: 500KG/hour 

  Type: QJ-1000 

Voltage: 380V, 220V, 110V 

Power: 0.75KW 

Weight: 78KG 

Dimension: 500 * 460 * 910MM 

Cutting thickness: 2.5mm-50mm (according to customers’ requirements customization) 

Output: 1000kg/ hour


Product material: stainless steel


Detailed introduction:


Model  qW   
voltage 110V / 220v /  380 (V)


Power 0.75 (kw)    gw 95 (kg)


Packing  wooden case/cardboard 

 Dimension 660 * 380 * 73 (mm)


Production: 800KG/hour


Thickness: within 2.5-50MM can make order,Can not adjust but can change different size of blade

  Type: QsJ-A   

 Voltage: 380V/ 220V/  110V  

 Power: 0.55 * 2KW   

Weight: 78 KG   

Dimension: 530 * 510 * 860MM   

Cutting thickness: 2.5mm - 50mm

  Output: 500kg/ hour

  Type: QsJ-T     

Voltage: 220V OR  110V

Power: 0.55 * 2KW   

Weight: 66 KG

Dimension: 435 * 435 * 485MM

Cutting thickness: 2.5mm - 50mm 


 Model DH – 21 00

 S pecification :860 * 600. 1400mm

 material box capacity:30L ( Can cycle)

 Power 0.55 KW

 Voltage 380V 50HZ

 output: 2100 pieces/hour

 Weight 100kg

Model: 3L
Net Weight: 12kg
Gross weight: 13kg
Dimensions:26*30*65 cm
Package Size: 31*35*70cm
Mold Specification: with 25mm , 20mm , 15mm, 10mm total 4 size

 Product Description

Small type for  fries cutter, potatoes tower , potatoes slicer, Melons slicer


 Name: stainless steel  chips tower




1, do not need to power, one person can do.

2. Convenient, quick, is not easy to break,


size: 28 x12x14cm


Material: stainless steel

 Product Description

mini apple skiving machine ,fruit peeling machines, apple splitter

Material: ABS and Stainless steel

Weight: 520 g

size of product :20*13.8*11.5cm

size of packing :21*15*12cm