electric deep fryer with temperature control

 model fy-12L
 volts 220V    power 3 kw  
 Capacity  12-20 L (Full is 20L)
 Packing size 710*380*270mm
 boiler size 45*32*14cm
 temperature range 50~300

 Product Description

 2013 multifunction Gas type deep fryer

size  of machine : 550 * 400 * 300 mm 

 size of pan : 480 * 280 * 140 mm 

Machine weight: 6.5 kg

 Product Description

Fries  fryer| French fries|  cookware| potato  fryer

voltage: 220-240V    power: 2.5kw




mudel: fy-81a      net: 5kg

 Product Description

2013 new design / Commercial potato fryer /with temperature control deep fryer/ Stainless steel fryer pan/  
 model  FY-12.1
Rvolts 220V
 power 3 kw  (  Because the power is 3KW , belong high power.Don't suitable setup plug,  need to connect the power cord)

Capacity  12-20 L (Full is 20L)
Packing size 710*410*290mm
boiler size 47*31*15cm
net  10 kg
 temperature range 50~300

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